Mathletics is designed to support educators and captivate learners in class and at home

Features for teachers and parents

Data-driven reports

Mathletics can produce powerful reports, providing school and home educators with deep insights into how classes and individual learners are progressing. These reports can be used to find where students are excelling, where they’re being challenged, and how to shape future activities and games to suit all learning needs.

Engaging activities and challenges

By blending intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and rewards, and using best-practice theories of gamified learning, Mathletics keeps students engaged with maths. With fresh activities, challenges and regularly updated content, Mathletics always has something new to learn and fun to do.

Time-saving automation and resources

With an extensive library of  printable eBooks, access to conceptual and activity videos, courses with scheduling capabilities to plan ahead, customisation capabilities, real-time marking and automated reports for school and home educators, Mathletics can save hours of work.

Learning at every level

Mathletics can provide valuable mathematics learning for students throughout their entire school journey. The program matures as students grow, providing updated visuals, challenges, and activities that continue to challenge and captivate.

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Features for students

Their very own avatar

Students can see themselves in the world of Mathletics with their unique and upgradable avatars. Points earned in activities can be used for costumes, clothes and design changes, motivating learners to keep up their hard work.

So many games to play

There’s always something new to do and somewhere new to explore. Mathletics is continually updated with fresh learning content to keep learners engaged and pursuing knowledge.

Certificates to take home

Printable certificates give learners the chance to share their successes with their family. They’re a great reminder to keep putting effort into their class and home learning (and look amazing on the fridge!).

Live Mathematics Challenges

Competitive learning at its finest – Live Mathematics Challenges tests learners’ minds, maths skills and reflexes. Compete school to school, class to class, or learner to learner to see who is crowned Live Mathematics Champion!

Hundreds of activities

There are over 1000 activities for learners to discover, learn and eventually master. Our education team designed each activity to support learners as they develop their mathematics understanding and knowledge, helping the students of today become the professionals of tomorrow.