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Why do parents and tutors choose Mathletics?

Help your kids achieve their best

Success is different for every child. For some, it’s getting to the top of the class; for others, it’s finding an answer on their own. Mathletics provides a safe, encouraging learning environment that provides the right level of challenge to help your learners grow, gain confidence, and achieve their best.

Continued learning at home

Mathletics brings classroom practice into the home. Aligned to your local curricula, Mathletics activities are relevant, reinforce lessons learned in school, and help your children gain mastery over maths topics or push ahead of what’s being taught.

Educational screen time

Time spent on devices can be productive with Mathletics. Designed to provide fun and engaging maths learning, Mathletics can be easily accessed on mobiles or tablets for instant, rewarding and positive screen time.

An affordable, reliable tutor

Mathletics provides more than a once-a-week tutor. With hundreds of activities, parent-friendly reporting, and maths games designed to captivate, Mathletics is available to you and your family anytime and anywhere.

Stay updated on your kids learning

Parent-friendly progress reports are sent weekly to give you a consistent view of how your learners are performing. See where they’re succeeding and struggling so you can direct their learning and talk to their teachers about where they might need more help.

Homeschool maths curriculum

Set your homeschooling maths curriculum with confidence. Created by experienced educators and developed for flexibility, Mathletics makes it simple to assign your home learners activities, keep track of their progress, and provides hundreds of hours’ worth of content.

Support for early learners

Mathletics is packed with resources to help early learners get their starting steps in numeracy. Games and videos introduces basic concepts like addition and subtraction while our Numbeanie app is perfect number exploration tool for pre-schoolers.

For Students of All Ages

Mathletics has been designed to captivate students at every stage of their school career.

For Early Learners

Engaging Early Learners in Numeracy

Blending number tasks with story-telling, augmented reality, and video, Mathletics is the perfect first-step to bring early learners into the world of numeracy.

For Primary Learners

Adaptive Primary Learner Lessons and Activities

Supported through animated tutorials and audio support, Mathletics adapts to help and challenge primary maths learners, encouraging them to think critically, make learning choices and reflect on their learning.

For Secondary Learners

Study-Focused Secondary Learner Programs

A more mature Mathletics! Designed for secondary students of all learning styles, Mathletics uses adaptive practice activities, interactive content and a huge library of print-friendly eBooks to help your students understand and master increasingly complex maths concepts.

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What do parents and home educators think about Mathletics?

Mathletics is an invaluable online and offline resource to reinforce math concepts introduced in school and to also help your child consolidate their understanding.

“My son initially did not understand algebra, but by viewing the Mathletics video tutorials and by completing the Mathletics Grade 7 algebra workbook, these enabled him to have that ‘light bulb moment’ where he understood the logic.

He is now top of his class for all areas of algebra and he is also in the top group for math. This was only achievable due to the excellent home learning resources that Mathletics provides.”

Amanda C., Parent

“I’m currently training to be a Teaching Assistant and came across your site at the school I am working at.  I was fascinated by the fact that the kids absolutely loved maths through Mathletics – things have certainly moved on since I was at school!  I told my daughter about Mathletics and she signed my grandson on to it, also signing him onto Spellodrome.  At last, useful time on the computer! He has come on in leaps and bounds in both subjects and he loves getting the certificates. I also have a grand-daughter who is yet to be signed up and I know she will absolutely benefit 100% from Mathletics and Spellodrome.  I am so pleased with Mathletics, I tell everyone I can who has young children about how fantastic Mathletics is! Surprisingly, there are still some schools out there who are not using Mathletics and some parents who have not heard of it!”

Giselle M., Parent

My daughter has recently started getting to grips with the Multiverse and she’s loving it.

Mathletics is brilliant and I have seen with my own eyes what a solid foundation in maths it has given both my children. They are confident and comfortable with the subject and I believe that Mathletics is the reason.

Mathematics Teacher