[Press Release] Mathletes get ready… World Maths Day is back! Stay home for Golden Week and make Japan No.1

Has your school registered?  www.worldmathsday.com

No need to despair. Although Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has asked Japan to stay home for Golden Week due to the pandemic, let’s take advantage of this home time to bring the “joy of learning” Maths and make Japan No. 1.  

Last year, Okinawa International School served as one of our Pilot Schools coming in second out of 674 schools.

2020 marked the start of the UN Decade of Action to Deliver the SDGs. With less than 9 years before 2030 honoring the slogan “Leave No One Behind”, we ask kids in Japan to pledge support for the kids in Beirut through UNICEF Lebanon to help restore their over 90 schools damaged by the Beirut Explosions. 

Now it’s time for students around the world to prime those maths brains and flex those fingers, World Maths Day is back in 2021.  Teachers, students and parents are invited to register to take part in the biggest online global maths event held across 48 hours on Wednesday 5th May, 2021.  Registration at www.worldmathsday.com  

Enjoy Children’s Day by challenging kids in Japan and around the world. Challenge lasts 48 hours until May 6th.

To celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch along with the double-launch of Mathletics Japan (Beta) and imagine…if productions’s CSR “I ❤️ Okinawa Campaign®︎’s 30th Anniversary Planning Committee”, we would like to provide FREE access for public schools who are willing to provide us with feedback until full launch in April 22, 2022.  

Unna JHS in Onna Village is our 1st Public Pilot School.  As part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s (MEXT) GiGa School Project (Global and Innovation Gateway for All), all students in Japan’s compulsory education will be provided access to tablets.  A huge undertaking accelerated by the needs brought on by the pandemic.  The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is supporting this project.

https://www.learning-innovation.go.jp/  Onna Village is home to the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.

World Maths Day is an international celebration of mathematics hosted by 3P Learning, creators of online mathematics program Mathletics.   On this day, over a million students aged four to 18 in over 17,000 schools in 150 countries are expected to participate.  It’s free, all-inclusive, and open to schools as well as students learning from home.  Especially during these “stay at home” holidays. 

In Okinawa, when E Heinrich Sanchez Gomez (CEO of imagine…if productions) was an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in 2010 at Koza JHS, Okinawa City,  He first came across this challenge at Kadena (Air Base) Middle School while preparing for a school exchange.  Kids were participating in the World Education Games which included Maths.  “When I discovered how much fun these kids were having I decided it’s time to bring it to Japan. It serves as an excellent tool for exchange between kids.”

Since then, our I ❤️ Okinawa Campaign®︎ endorsed Mathletics as a way for kids to gain confidence in Maths, English and a perfect platform for global awareness with fun challenges. 

Our kids today are the ones who will create the solutions for tomorrow.

Now with less than 9 years to go before the goal line of UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we launch Mathletics Japan (beta)  (powered by imagine..if productions) with Japanese guidance hoping for maximum participation for the popular World Math Day Challenge. https//:www.mathleticsjapan.jp

With the help of our first affiliate partners, Kokusaba Learning Partners, and School Tribe.com, we hope for nationwide participation. With the Olympic torch making the rounds, we can fire up our kids from Okinawa to Hokkaido to reboot and make Japan No. 1, having fun as we try. 

• All public schools are eligible to join this special Pilot School Program only available through Mathletics Japan.  Sign up for our Pilot School Program (terms and conditions apply). 

• If selected, your school can gain full access to Mathletics & Readiwriter in exchange for feedback. 

Last year, Okinawa International School (OIS) as one of our pilot schools during the November Numeracy came in 2nd place for the Silver Award out of 674 schools worldwide.  

World Maths Day allows students to test their skills and compete against their peers from around the world in 20 live one-minute maths challenges.  The goal is simple, get as many questions correct as you can within one minute and be crowned the winning mathlete while also participating in fun activities that highlight the wonder of numbers.  

The Champions Challenge is a new addition to the 2021 competition where the top students for each age group are invited back three weeks after World Maths Day to compete in a knockout tournament.  As part of the Champions Challenge, secondary aged students will have their event live streamed, bringing maths and esports together.

3P Learning’s Global Education Lead Christopher Hogbin said:  “World Maths Day is about celebrating maths, having fun, and about being connected on a global scale. World Maths Day is one day where we have equity in education, a chance for everyone to get on board regardless of your math ability, your financial position or social standing.  We encourage all students to ‘have a go’, unite with students around the world and practice those skills in a fun learning environment.”

World Maths Day has grown exponentially since its beginning in 2007.  It holds the world record for the most participants in an online mathematics competition.   In 2015, 150 countries were represented.

In Australia, 250,000 students in 3,000 schools are expected to participate in World Maths Day 2021.

Let’s do our best to get as many students or MORE in JAPAN,  from Okinawa to Hokkaido.


“Let’s get on board and celebrate our kids participation in learning and enjoying maths.” Added Chris.

For more information or to interview 3P Learning’s Global Education Lead Christopher Hogbin, contact:

Marlene Richardson | GasbagPR | 0409 888 218 | marlene@gasbagpr.com.au

For more information about World Maths Day Challenge in Japan, contact Mr. Edward edward@mathleticsjapan.jp powered by imagine..if productions